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Routine Health Checks

A great way to assess the general health of your pet. Routine health checks, including a dental examination and a weight assessment to make sure your pet is as healthy as can be. We also advise on or administer any necessary vaccinations, wormers or flea treatments.

A happy cat in good health, thanks to Pattenden Vets Healthy Pet Club.

Healthy Pets Club

Healthy Pets Club is an economical way to manage your pet’s preventative health care, allowing you to split the costs into monthly direct debits.

The plan covers vaccinations, microchipping, worm and flea treatments, nail clips and weight checks; ensuring your pet is protected all year round. Members also receive special offers and discounts on other clinic products, such as neutering, dental treatment and food.

Pet vaccinations are routine health checks offered by Pattenden Vets.


Vaccinations are an essential component of our preventative healthcare for our pets. These injections help to boost our pets immunity against several potentially life-threatening diseases. Both our vets are accredited official Veterinarians and are licensed to administer rabies vaccinations when necessary.

An obese dog being weighed during routine health checks at Pattenden Vets.

Weight & Nutrition

Our experienced team are here to advise you on all aspects of nutrition for your pet, from choosing a suitable day-to-day pet food to how to feed for specific issues and ailments. We can even help come up with a diet plan to help your pet shift those unwanted extra kilos!

Dog nails being professionally clipped during routine health checks at Pattenden Vets.

Nail Clipping

Clipping your pet’s nails can be stressful, particularly if you cannot see the length of the quick. Our experienced vets and nurses will be more than happy to do this for you to help make the whole experience less traumatic!

A Labrador dog having a dental examination, routine health checks at Pattenden Vets.

Dental Health

Did you know? 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three have some degree of dental disease. Dental health plays a huge role in keeping our pets healthy and happy.

Our team of vets and nurses are ready to advise on all levels of dental care; from preventative treatments and specific dietary advice to surgical and medical treatment of a variety of dental conditions.

A dog having its eyes checked by Dr. Tori Jordan at Pattenden Vets.

Eye Checks

Given how important vision is to our pets, we recommend getting any eye issues checked sooner rather than later. Here at the clinic, we have a range of equipment allowing us to do a complete examination of your pet’s eyes.

From measuring tear production, to measuring intraocular pressure and examining the eye under intense magnification, we’ve got you covered!

A happy dog, relieved after having its anal glands expressed at Pattenden Vets.

Anal Gland Expression

Impacted anal glands can cause your pet discomfort; leading to them licking at their back end or dragging their bottom on the floor. Our team can express the glands at the clinic to make your pet instantly more comfortable.

Pet passports available at Pattenden Vets.

Pet Passports

Pets travelling outside the UK with their owners are subject to specific travel regulations. Dogs, cats and ferrets can currently travel to and from the UK, provided they have a valid Pet Passport and keep up with certain travel conditions.

Our vets are both accredited official Veterinarians and can help to advise you on the up-to-date travel rules. Please bear in mind that the Brexit deal may affect pet travel rules and regulations.

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