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Pattenden Vet Clinic

A chocolate Labrador that has just received life saving emergency care at Pattenden Vets.

Emergency Care

Accidents happen and we're here to help you at a moment’s notice when they do.

A sick cat waiting to see a doctor at Pattenden Vets.

When To Call

Struggling to breathe
Hit by car / severe trauma
Uncontrollable bleeding
Difficulty giving birth

Urgent surgery being carried out by the team of veterinary surgeons at Pattenden Vets.

Urgent Treatment

Our team manage all emergencies; from initial stabilisation to diagnosis and treatment. Pets can be hospitalised on the spot, in order to administer emergency fluids, oxygen and pain relief. Once stable, diagnostics can be performed to get to the route of their problem.

For surgical emergencies, our state-of-the-art theatre can be ready at a moment’s notice and our team will get your pet back on track as quickly as possible.

A black Labrador recovering from an operation in the dogs ward at Pattenden Vets.


If your pet needs to stay at the clinic, we have separate patient wards to accommodate them; one for dogs, one for cats & rabbits and another for isolation cases.

For overnight and weekend stays, our staff will perform extra checks outside of normal working hours. However, as we do not have a member of staff on-site at all times, patients requiring more intensive monitoring may need to be transferred to our after-hours provider.

The exterior of PETS Veterinary practice at Newnham Court in Maidstone.

After Hours Emergency

Please contact PETS our preferred service partner.


Bearstead Road
ME14 5EL

01622 734 054

PETS is our preferred emergency service partner. They are based at the Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital in Maidstone and have a full-time dedicated emergency service team, ready to take your call during the unsociable hours.