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Diagnostics & Surgery

Diagnosing some conditions can be tricky. Sometimes, additional lab tests or forms of imaging may be required to get the answers we need. Both routine and more complex diagnostics and surgery can be performed here at the clinic when necessary.

Veterinary surgeon Dr. Lara Hummel performing an operation at Pattenden Vets.


Our team of highly-skilled vets perform a wide range of both routine and emergency surgical procedures on-site at the clinic. We have a state-of-the-art theatre, where we can perform neuterings, mass removals, caesareans, exploratory abdominal surgeries and more.

More complex orthopaedic procedures can be performed by visiting specialist surgeons when necessary. Every pet needing surgery is closely monitored by a member of our experienced team; with the help of cutting-edge monitoring equipment. From the moment your pet is dropped off, to the moment you come to pick him up, we can promise that he is in the very best of hands!

Veterinary surgeon Tori Jordan performing diagnostics and surgery at Pattenden Vets.

Dental Procedures

Over 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three have some degree of dental disease. Our brand-new clinic features a dedicated dental theatre; complete with a specific dental x-ray unit.

This allows us to perform all manner of dental procedures; from a simple clean and polish to more complex extractions of diseased and fractured teeth. All our dental procedures are performed under a full general anaesthetic, with extra pain relief and nerve blocks administered when necessary. We strive to make the whole experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible for your pet.

A dog being X-rayed at Pattenden Vets.


X-rays help diagnose a range of conditions; including fractures, heart and lung disease, abdominal issues and cancer. We have a top-of-the-range digital x-ray machine; providing instant, high-quality images and a separate dental x-ray unit for oral imaging.

In most cases, we will have the results ready for you by the time you come to collect your pet. Our vets also offer hip and elbow scoring through the BVA canine health scheme.

Veterinary surgeon Dr. Lara Hummel looking at blood samples before diagnostics and surgery at Pattenden Vets.

Lab Tests

We have both an in-house lab and an overnight courier service to a more specialist facility to ensure all tests are performed as quickly as possible.

We assess many samples in house; performing urine testing, identifying infectious agents in ear and skin infections and diagnosing certain types of tumours. Results are reported as quickly as possible; usually within 24 hours of testing.

A dog having its eyes checked by Dr. Tori Jordan at Pattenden Vets.


At the clinic, we are lucky to have a highly skilled team and an extensive range of equipment for eye investigations. From assessing vision, to testing intraocular pressure to identifying and correcting conformational issues, we’ve got it covered!

Dr Tori is currently training to become an Advanced Practitioner in ophthalmology and can also perform a range of more specialist eye tests and procedures for more complex cases.

Veterinary surgeon Dr. Lara Hummel ultrasound scanning a dog at Pattenden Vets.


Ultrasound scanning is an excellent way of showing the internal organs in more detail. Our vets use ultrasound in the diagnosis of several different conditions and for more routine examinations such as pregnancy diagnosis.

Dr Lara has a keen interest in cardiology and has undertaken further training in echocardiography; allowing her to also offer heart scans at the clinic. More advanced scanning can also be carried out on-site by visiting specialists when necessary.

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